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How to Get Started with Brainwave Entrainment

So, you're interested in the world of brainwave entrainment?

On this page, we list details of a number of highly reputable companies, which help to produce world-leading brainwave entrainment tools.

You can purchase in confidence from these sites. We advise cautious diligence and suitable research when purchasing from other companies.

The Brain Evolution System

www.brainev.com - Recommended!

World-leading program. Powerful 6-month program, designed to help you tap into peak performance states of mind, on-demand. Combines all the most powerful entrainment audio techniques. With online video, support forums, and more.

Holosync from Centerpointe


Classic multi-level program from Bill Harris. Very wide user base and excellent telephone support. Initial levels are good value, but can get expensive as you advance through the program.

Transparent Corporation

www.transparentcorp.com - Best software!

Innovative brainwave entrainment company, producing the Neuro-Programmer and Mind Stereo software programs. Also has its own Beyond Being audio program.

Brain Salon

www.brainsalon.com - Recommended!

Platinum standard of brainwave entrainment goodies! Brain Salon package includes 6 x 30-minute sessions for focus, happiness, energy, creativity, sleep and relaxation.

Sonic Vitamins


Excellent budget selection of brainwave entrainment sessions, covering brain function, relaxation, 'fun', and energy. Great way to get started and measure the effects of entrainment.

Sleep Salon


Powerful program that uses brainwave entrainment to help with sleeping problems. Has sessions covering everything from temporary sleeplessness to chronic insomnia.



The Hemi-Sync range, from the Monroe Institute, offer high quality recordings, covering everything from reducing anger to sleep enhancement. See also www.monroeinstitute.com.



Producers of high-quality light-and-sound machines - specifically the Sirius, Proteus and Procyon devices. You may wish to source a local dealer for better offers.



Not strictly brainwave entrainment, but rather an EEG-device that enables you to control the game dependant on concentration levels. Great fun, and worth discovering.

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