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Why Are Brainwaves Important?

Brainwaves are important, because they are the “signatures” of what is happening inside the brain.

Research has shown that specific brainwave patterns mean that you’re in a particular state of being.

If an EEG reading shows you’re emitting a 1Hz signal, there’s no question about it – you will be in a deep, healing sleep. If you’re at 10Hz, you’re going to feel generally calm, detached, and relaxed.

And there are other patterns to be found.

People encountering flashes of inspiration are often in very specific alpha frequencies, periodically sparking up into gamma. People with high focus levels are typically found at the 14Hz “sensormotor rhythm.” People in a good mood are found with high serotonin levels, the release of which is triggered by the 10Hz frequency.

So, we can figure out precisely what is happening inside our brain when various states are present – when we fall asleep, when we get focused, when we increase our energy, when we’re happy, when we’re being creative.

But why does this matter?

It’s important because your brainwave frequency isn’t merely the result of being in that state. It works both ways. Your brainwave frequency can actually determine your state.

So, if you could change your brainwave patterns, you could actually reproduce a particular state of mind. Think about it.

In many ways, you do this already.

Think of it this way: by setting your alarm clock and waking up, you are effectively controlling your brainwaves, and shifting your brainwave patterns from delta to beta.

But what if there was a very precise way to control your brainwaves, and reproduce the exact frequencies required for the states of mind mentioned above?

There is. It’s called “brainwave entrainment” – and it's a branch of science that has been studied now for over 50 years.

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